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The Best Opening Day Music Video Ever

This might just be the best homage to Opening Day ever created.

We all love Opening Day, and these guys managed to put our feelings into one catchy tune. A hilarious song about grabbing a beer, hanging out with the guys, masking your scent and finally spotting a buck, "Opening Day - Let's Go Huntin' Boys!" captures the spirit of our favorite time of year. It was written and performed by the group "Wayne & Wonder," and its release coincided with the actual 2012 Opening Day for the Missouri Archery Deer & Turkey Hunting Season.

So crank up the volume, pack up your gear and let this song roll as you head out this season! It's our pick for the best opening day music video ever. Be sure to catch the rest of this awesome crew's videos here.


Featured image via Fur-Fish-Game

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The Best Opening Day Music Video Ever