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Now This is the Best of Central Texas Fly Fishing Right Here

Central Texas is a gem when it comes to fly fishing. Watch this video to see why people flock to this majestic place!

Central Texas is starting to make itself known in the secret, mysterious world of fly fishing. Most people think of fly fishing and automatically think of Montana and trout and ask if you have ever seen “A River Runs through it” with Brad Pitt. Sure we have trout stocked in some of our rivers, but our real treasure is our bass fishing in the many diverse river systems.

Alvin Dedeaux also has made central Texas a popular hot spot since opening up the guide service All Water Guides. These guides specialize in all waters across Texas. You name it, they can more than likely guide you and put you on some amazing fish. This group of guys really know what they are doing. In this video, Alvin really shows us what an incredible fisheries Texas has to offer. From lakes to rivers, we have it all!

One good thing about central Texas is the ability to catch Guadalupe bass. No other place in the world has this species of fish. This is of course, why it is our state fish. With trout like behavior, these bass can really put a bend in your rod. In the video you can see some of the trophy Guadalupe’s that Alvin and his team have brought to hand.

The lure selection for these water bodies are all relatively similar. Big flies and big poppers. The bass in Texas like a big meal. A lot of the water bodies featured have little to no fishing pressure at all. River fishing still hasn’t picked up a lot of popularity in the Texas. So, the bass are more willing to hit a fly. This is a huge factor in why people travel to fish these waters.

Whether you are looking for a lake or a river to fly fish, Texas has it all. As Alvin and All Water Guides show us, Texas is as versatile as it is large. Proving that trophy fish can be caught all over our region.


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Now This is the Best of Central Texas Fly Fishing Right Here