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Best Nature Shows to Watch on Netflix [PICS]

You can travel the entire world to learn about animals and environments from the comfort of your home by watching the best nature shows Netflix has to offer.

Travel to national parks in Africa to familiar regions of the United States right from the comfort of your own couch. These amazing nature shows are insightful, educational, and entertaining and you can watch them one right after the other thanks to Netflix.

Here are some of the best nature shows to watch on Netflix.



Virunga” is a documentary about a group of rangers who risk their lives to protect Virunga National Park and its animals who call it home.

Virunga National Park is located in the Congo and is the home to the only remaining mountain gorillas in the world. This film follows the rangers as they put their life on the line every day to protect the park and gorillas from armed militia, poachers, and those wanting to control the lush natural resources of the area.

The documentary brings an investigative journalistic point of view to one of the best nature shows on Netflix and was even nominated for an Outstanding Documentary Emmy.

“Planet Earth”

planet earth

There is a reason why “Planet Earth” is one of the best nature shows on Netflix and why a lot of people have heard about, if not already seen, it.

This 11-episode, four-time Emmy winning series takes the viewer on an adventure to the Himalayan mountains all the way to the deepest depths of the ocean and everywhere in between. It explores the captivating wildlife living on this planet as well as the exciting environments they call home.

“The Blue Planet”

blue planet

The Blue Planet” compiles the natural histories of the ocean. It is narrated by David Attenborough and consists of eight episodes each exploring the familiar and the unknown of the world’s marine life.

This documentary has won two Emmys including one for Outstanding Non-Fiction Cinematography.



Blackfish” brings your attention from the wild wilderness into the controversial issue of animal captivity.

The film investigates the life of a performing male killer whale named Tilikum, exposing how he and other orcas end up in captivity and the way they are treated while they are there.

“The Private Life of Deer”

private life of deer

This PBS documentary studies the interaction between deer and their own kind as well as how they adapt to living in a suburban environment.

The documentary states that although many animals are negatively impacted by human development, the opposite is happening with deer. Over a century ago, there was one million deer living in North America. Today, over 30 million call North America home.

We have created the perfect environment for deer by providing a diversity of plant species for them to eat and flourish from.

“Animal Odd Couples”

odd couples

Animal Odd Couples” is one of the most heart-warming nature shows to watch on Netflix. It shows unlikely pairings of animals that create a bond many would not expect.

A crow mothering a meerkat to a chimp bottle-feeding a baby tiger, you will see a bunch of odd animal couples in this documentary, which has bewildered scientists for years. Scientists examine why these animals form such abnormal bonds and what those relationships suggest about the nature of animal emotions.

Add these remarkable shows to your list on Netflix and start watching. You will be entertained as you learn about the different animals and habitats around the world and under the sea by watching the best nature shows on Netflix.

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Best Nature Shows to Watch on Netflix [PICS]