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The Best Hunting Product on the Market Just Got a Little Bit Better: Our Review of Scent Crusher's New Gear Bag

Scent Crusher's Ozone Gear Bags are an amazing piece of gear, and with a few tweaks, the new line is improved and even better just in time for the upcoming season.

Scent Off. Game On.

It is a really simple slogan, but it is oh so perfect.

If you haven't heard of the Scent Crusher craze, you must be living under a rock. I have said it in past articles. Let's face it, those hunter orange-lined bags that pump ozone inside and kill bacteria are really making a name for themselves.

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Scent Crusher has tons of products that can really help you increase your chances of success this hunting season. But with this article, I wanted to hit on the subtle-yet-awesome improvements of their Ozone Gear Bags instead of the technology itself.

With a new look, new zippers, and updated ozone generator body, the newest model of the gear bag is one of those products where just when you think something is too good to be true, it goes and gets that much better. I'm referring to Scent Crusher's Realtree Camo Gear Bag.

New Look

As hunters, we all have a favorite color. Yeah, and that color is camo.

Scent Crusher Scent Crusher Scent Crusher

Does it make the bag work any better than it did before? No. But does it make it more relevant as an in-the-field bag? Yes. Does it make it look a lot cooler? You better believe it.

The camo pattern, with the visible and recognizable orange Scent Crusher material, makes for a very eye-catching and sharp-looking bag.

Personally I am a big fan of the new style, and anyone who likes camo will be too. Oh, that's all of you? Thought so.

Improved Zippers

Although this is a very small detail, you can tell a big difference from the older bags. The zippers seem much more durable and tough, which is a very good thing when you have way to much stuff crammed in a bag. All that pressure on the zipper is never too encouraging.

But honestly, with the new zippers, I never have to worry about the thing busting.

Scent Crusher

The zipper action is also incredibly smooth and easy. There is nothing more frustrating than a crappy zipper that continues to get hung up. Good zippers are just something you take for granted and don't notice how nice they are until they are gone.

In this video you can see just how easy and smooth the new zippers are. You can open and close without applying pressure with the other hand and it is as easy as sliding through butter! With larger teeth, there isn't as much catching and the improvements are very noticeable.

Redesigned Ozone Box

The nuts and bolts of the Ozone Gear Bags are the ozone generator units that pump the ozone into your bag. The new bags have an updated and improved look to the unit, with the same technical specs and inner workings.

Smaller, lighter, and better holding grips on the side make it a more practical and functional generator. You can see the changes in the photo below.

Scent Crusher

The left box is the old model, while the black box on the right is the updated version. As you can clearly see, it is substantially smaller and more user friendly on the button interface. Not to mention, the ozone pumps out of the back of the unit instead of the side, making for easier attachment and removal.

Once again, personally I just like the looks and feel of the new unit, which I believe most would agree with again.

It's the Little Things...

These changes to the new gear bag might not blow your mind, but they're instead just subtle changes that make a great product even better. I mean, how do you improve on one of the finest products in the hunting industry? If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

If you haven't jumped on the Scent Crusher train yet, then there is no better time than now with the release of the awesome new Realtree Camo Gear Bag. I promise you won't be disappointed. You can thank me later, especially after all those close buck encounters you get this fall because of it.

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