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The Best Hunting Parody Ever: 'Pretty Bad at Hunting Deer' [VIDEO]

After watching this parody of Billy Currington's 'Pretty Good at Drinking Beer,' you may realize your season isn't as bad as you thought.

The Internet has been flooded lately with hunting- and fishing-related parody videos, some great and some not so great. This gem is one of our favorites for two reasons: First, it has nothing to do with a certain Disney movie involving talking rocks and a constantly overjoyed snowman. Second, unlike many parody videos, the music is actually pretty good.

Based on a song by country music superstar Billy Currington, this is one parody with music that won't make your ears cringe.

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Obviously, this parody isn't about you. It's about your idiot buddy who's pretty bad at hunting deer. (See what we did there?) Feel free to have a laugh at his expense and then send it on.

If you're pretty bad at hunting deer, here are two tips, totally free of charge: Stop using so much Tink's, and get back out there.

Happy hunting!

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The Best Hunting Parody Ever: 'Pretty Bad at Hunting Deer' [VIDEO]