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Best Hunting Apparel for Women

How are you supposed to find the best hunting apparel for women without sacrificing fit, effectiveness or style?

We’ve all seen the purposeless pink camouflage equipment and apparel that many outdoor companies try to market to female hunters. For whatever reason, there seems to be a belief that females that go hunting want something that screams “I’m a girl,” which in turn results in pink bows, gun grips, and outfits.

However, pink camouflage goes against the whole purpose of having a camouflage outfit in the first place – concealment from prying animal eyes – and smart female hunters will avoid such designs in favor of apparel that stresses function over “style.”

One function of hunting apparel, of course, is to keep you warm, and for female hunters, there are few companies that specialize in keeping you warm and camouflaged better than Under Armour.

Known worldwide for delivering cozy, activity intensive athletic clothing, Under Armour has an entire specialized line geared toward the female hunter. From the company’s traditional, skintight shirts to leggings and insulated fleece pants, Under Armour offers a range of clothing options that will keep you warm and concealed in the woods at the same time.


Under Armour Cold Gear Full Zip Hoodie

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

When most hunters hear that Under Armour is in the business of offering hunting apparel, they get the idea that they can simply wear their Under Armour clothing from other sporting activities they pursue – running, for instance, or soccer. After all, most athletic people already have a few pieces of Under Armour clothing in their wardrobe, and saving money by substituting hunting apparel is always an attractive option.


Under Armour Charged Cotton T-Shirt

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

However, there is a reason that Under Armour carries a specialized women’s hunting line. Where most Under Armour products used for other sporting activities will be saturated with sweat and bursting with human scent, Under Armour apparel boasts the important add-on of scent control.


Under Armour Ayton Pants

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

So whether you purchase a skintight mock shirt or a pair of gloves, Under Armour is keeping an eye on your scent so that deer won’t be able to smell you coming from a mile away. In other words, Under Armour’s female hunting apparel blends comfort, camouflage, and control of scent into one irresistible package. It would be easy to build an entire hunting wardrobe from just one company’s products, and for the female hunter, Under Armour would very likely be that company.

And we’ll excuse that little pink “UA” logo, just this once.


Redhead for Her Camo Fleece Headband

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Hunting has grown in popularity among females in recent years, and that growth is reflected in the vast selection of female apparel now available from most big-name hunting brands.

For instance, most major retailers will offer a wide range of women’s hunting clothes, from camouflage hoodies to blaze orange jackets.


Prois Sherpa Reversible Vest

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Regardless of which brand you choose, you should keep two things in mind if shopping for female hunting apparel.

First off, hunting apparel is not meant to make a fashion statement, and buying less fashionable clothes from big brands is not a strike against a fashion-minded woman.  It is a smart choice for a woman who wants to have a good hunt.

Secondly, while many hunting stores may offer more in terms of male hunting apparel than female hunting apparel, the doesn’t mean that females don’t have access to the best products.

If you can’t find something in the store, search around for it online. Chances are you will find a wider selection of great choices on the web than you ever will in a department store, and you will get more options of size, style, and brand as well.

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