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3 of the Best High-Cut Hunting Boots

The best high-cut hunting boots all have one thing in common: you’re gonna want them.

As hunters, we become all too familiar with the many choices we face when searching for that right pair of boots for our hunting adventures, especially when looking for high-cut, waterproof and well-designed ones.

The boot aisles at our local sporting goods stores or our online searches yield many options. In colder climates especially, waterproof boots have become a necessity.

This is where faults may be found quickly with so called waterproof linings that may fail you at the worst possible times. As a hunter of the northern wild areas near the Great Lakes, I have grown to adore the following three boots for hunting during the fall through the winter seasons.

My first pick is the Russell Moccasin Company’s Russell Turkey Hunter. This absolutely amazing tall height boot is built to the standards of yesteryear. You will find no cheap imports here. The company has been around since 1898, and they’re located in Wisconsin.

Image via Russell Boots

The boots are handmade to your foot specifications (measured with a handy chart and send in with your order). This especially comes in handy if you have foot problems or sizing irregularities.

You pick your insulation weight preference, boot sole preference, and also your camouflage color of choice. Other options are available too, and they do have a model for women.

To keep them water tight, use a good leather sealing product like Sofsole Leather Lube. If you keep them well sealed, there will be no worries of leakage when crossing creeks and puddles in search of game.

The boots stand out wherever I wear them and I get constant compliments from fellow outdoorsmen and women.

The price on these is $519. They are not cheap, but they’re built like tanks that can also be resoled when your miles catch up to them.

Image via LL Bean

My next boot pick is the legendary L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoe in 16” upper height. This classic was first made in 1912 and it is as useful then as it is now.

Its classic looks, leather upper and rubber lower make it a great pick for wet areas for a retail price of $169. They do best with a thick pair of wool socks, as they are uninsulated. They are hand stitched in Maine, and are a truly great product.

No pick of boots would be as right for the lowland swamp, the mud and muck anywhere than the tough boots made by LaCrosse.

The AlphaBurly line has been with us for years and it has been restructured in the Alphaburly Pro 18″ Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity 1000G. This heavily insulated boot is waterproof and low maintenance.


At a retail of $160, this model will keep you warm, dry and happy in your cold season outings.

These three hunting boots are suitable for cooler climates of the Great Lakes region.

For our friends in warmer climates, the uninsulated models of the above would be great choices.

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What hunting boots do you wear? Are you in the market for a high-cut pair?

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3 of the Best High-Cut Hunting Boots