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Best Halloween Pumpkin Ideas for the Outdoor Household [PICS]

halloween pumpkin
Photobucket/OHbluebird's Bucket

Halloween pumpkins are popping up on doorsteps everywhere. Why not make them outdoor-themed?

These unique Halloween pumpkin ideas are just in time for the hunter or angler in your household. Some are carvings, some are lit up, and some use even more creative ways to celebrate the great outdoors.

Check them out for inspiration this Halloween!

1. He's a Shooter

This is a classic Halloween pumpkin carving technique. The buck looks great!

halloween pumpkin
Pinterest/Jenny Renfroe

2. Stencil Pumpkins

This is a creative way to use pumpkins. Plus they'll last for weeks or months this way!

halloween pumpkin
Stencil 1

3. Monster Buck

This is a great design and looks like this Booner will walk right out of the pumpkin.

halloween pumpkin
Photobucket/OHbluebird's Bucket

4. All About That Bass

This lifelike fish is jumping right out of the pumpkin. Makes you want to head to the lake one last time before Halloween, doesn't it?

halloween pumpkin
Matthew Farnell Photography

5. Buck at Dusk

This buck is standing amidst the spruce trees at dusk, and would make a great welcome sign on your door step.

halloween pumpkin
Facebook/Pumpkin King Creations

6. Tracks

If you do a lot of predator hunting, this is a great sign of good times to come.

halloween pumpkin
Midwest Living

7. Coming in Hot

There's nothing like seeing a pair of ducks on their final descent to your duck blind.

Why not watch them on your Halloween pumpkin?

halloween pumpkin
Just Labradors

8. Bambi in a Halloween Pumpkin

Carve a simple hole in a pumpkin (much easier than the other designs) and let your kids set up a nature scene inside.

halloween pumpkin

9. Elk Bugle

It's tough not to admire the bugle of a mature elk in the mountains. Bring the scene home to your doorstep.

halloween pumpkin

10. Have some sheds?

Surely you have a couple shed antlers sitting around. Just lay them around your pumpkins for some easy fall decoration.

halloween pumpkin
Southern Living

11. Bedded buck

I think we'd all like to sneak up on a bedded buck like that.

halloween pumpkin
Montana Outdoor

12. Fall leaves

These are the few fall leaves that will last the whole season.

Since you're not carving into the pumpkin, it should last months.

halloween pumpkin
Home Depot

13. Buck Silhouette

Last, this is a very easy stencil you could do at home. Simply carve out the sections with a small pumpkin saw.

halloween pumpkin
Weekend Bowhunter

Hopefully these Halloween pumpkin ideas will get you thinking about some outdoor themes of your own.

Happy Halloween!

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Best Halloween Pumpkin Ideas for the Outdoor Household [PICS]