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6 of the Best Gun Memes You've Ever Seen [PICS]

Get a laugh out of these great gun memes.

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Internet memes can make for hilariously trivial jokes, visually interesting ways of sharing profound quotes, or simply examples of funny or outlandish photos.

Over the past few weeks, we've looked at some of our favorite fishing and hunting memes, and most of them fell into the "ridiculous jokes" category, from an angler fishing in a pothole puddle to a black bear waiting in a tree stand to ambush a hunter.

We picked 10 of our favorite gun memes from around the Web, and are confident you'll find the humor in them, even if they're poking a bit of fun at our country's love for guns and ammo.

View the slideshow and check out the best gun memes the Internet has to offer.

Alternative fishing methods

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We held off on posting this one with our batch of favorite hunting or fishing apps, because really, it's both. Luckily, the gun meme category has given us a chance to finally post it.

Sure, handguns don't work underwater - try a spear or harpoon gun, brother - but this meme is so utterly ridiculous that you just can't help but laugh when you look at it. From the exploding fish to the bullet casing flying off the pistol, the Photoshop work in this picture is expertly rendered to create a realistic photo - despite an unrealistic premise. Still, if it were possible, there's a good chance that most of us would want to give this brand of gun fishing a try.


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Speaking of guns being used for unorthodox means, we're quite fond of any and all versions of this meme, which shows a gun owner brandishing his sidearm threateningly toward an absolutely enormous spider.

"The spider threw my shoe back at me," the caption quips, an excuse from a gun owner who doesn't want to get close enough to give the spider any ideas. Sure, a bug killing spray would probably be more efficient - and would do less damage to the walls - but sometimes, you just have to use the resources at your disposal.

A true collector

Photo via blackframefame

We're not sure what the status on that is, but either way, we got a few chuckles out of this meme, which shows a few heavily armed, heavily armored soldiers standing guard over a gun collection so big that it can't even fit into a single photograph. And this is just what Norris keeps under his pillow?!

Personally, we'd watch a TV show where the government tries - and fails - to disarm Walker Texas Ranger.


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Time for some much needed levity.

Ever been chased up a tree by a bear? We hope not. Should you find yourself in such a scenario though, a gun is going to do you a lot more good than a camera - even if the camera captures out-of-this-world photos and paves the way for brilliant memes like this.

The Good, the Bad, and the Video Game

Photo via quickmeme

As a noted supporter of gun rights, Clint Eastwood shows up on a notably large number of Internet memes. Our favorite is this one, based on one of the most iconic lines from the beloved western, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Some solid Photoshop work replaces Eastwood's old style pistols with a pair of plastic guns from the cult classic NES game, Duck Hunt. For all of us hunters who got our start by blasting away pixelated waterfowl on our parents' basement televisions, this might be the best meme on the Web.

A solid excuse

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If someone ever confronts you about how many guns you have in your collection, just mimic this meme and tell them that you are stocking up for the zombie apocalypse.

It's an excuse to be sure - most of us collect guns because we have a taste for firearms or simply like to use them to hunt whitetails and other big game animals - but that doesn't mean your guns won't come in handy if the world turns into an episode of The Walking Dead overnight.

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6 of the Best Gun Memes You've Ever Seen [PICS]