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Best Glocks for Women

These are our picks for the best Glocks for Women in 2014.

Firearms provide women with defense in the face of an attacker without the need to match their attacker physically. Glocks make up the majority of the handgun market. They are the most portable option for women and are often the firearm of choice for concealed carry.

Finding the right Glock for women, who usually have smaller hands than men, is important for safety and efficiency.

When looking for an appropriate Glock to start your collection, or add to your current one, its important that you’re spending your hard earned money on a quality handgun.

Here are the top three Glocks for women in 2014.


This is a brand new Glock that is a subcompact pistol. It is actually made in the USA and, at 5.94 inches long, it is currently the smallest Glock ever produced.

It is highly concealable and built to be handled by small hands – perfect for women. It is a single-stack .380 Auto built to satisfy years of requests from customers to build an extremely portable Glock. This gun is ideal for women who want to bring a self-defense handgun with them wherever they can.

G19 Gen4

The G19 Gen4’s Modular Back Strap design is customizable to the shooter’s hand size and grip. The dual recoil spring reduces wear on the system which lengthens the life of this handgun.

The handgun is 7.28 inches long and 4.99 inches in height which makes it still small enough to fit in most purses. The G19 is utilized in security services worldwide and is a great option for women looking for a quality Glock.

G26 Gen4

This Glock is ideal for women due to its small size (6.41 inches in length and 4.17 inches in height) and its customizable back strap grip.

The G26 Gen 4 has scientifically renown rough texture technology, making it super durable. This Glock also contains the brand new recoil spring design to increase durability and longevity which makes it a great investment.

Wondering where to get your own? Check out the Glock Perfection website for more information.

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Best Glocks for Women