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Here Are the Best Fishing Tattoos of 2016 So Far

The best fishing tattoos don’t come easy. 

East Rosebud Fly & Tackle hosted a contest out of their Billings, Montana fly shop to see who had the best fishing tattoos. Already, that sounds like an excellent idea. The winners were chosen and high fives were given out to a lot of the winners. The grand prize winner actually took home a new pair of Patagonia Rio Gallegos waders!

Even though a grand prize winner was picked, I think we all can agree there are no losers when you have a genuine fishing tattoo.

I’m right in the middle of a big decision of getting my first tattoo. I don’t want to say what it is just yet because I would rather experience the buyers remorse myself. I will say this; odds are it’s going to be a fishing tattoo, but probably a little more subtle than the ones you just saw.

Who knows, if I can ever turn fishing into a full time gig where I don’t have to worry about clocking in and out everyday, maybe a whole sleeve may be in order!



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Here Are the Best Fishing Tattoos of 2016 So Far