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Here Are the Best DP-12 Shotgun Shooting Techniques

Shooting the DP-12 is as easy to shoot as a single barrel shot gun.

The DP-12 has a new loading style not seen before. Loading your shot shells from the rear of the gun is a new way to load this particular platform. The shotgun is designed to accept shells from the rear of the rifle under the shoulder stock.

The shot shells then feed into a tube and are held in place. The shotgun will feed, or attempt to feed if not evenly loaded, two shells per pump.

The shotgun is designed for two trigger pulls before the shooter is required to pump the shotgun and reload the chamber. The chamber will eject the two expended shells from the rear of the gun exactly where it was reloaded from.

As described, the trigger is reset for two trigger pulls each time the charging handle is cycled to feed two cartridges. I didn’t notice if Mac had any issues firing one shot and then placing the gun in a safe position, if a second shot is not required. Most rifles that have a feature similar to this will have some sort of safety intervention that will prevent a second shot should the shooter deem otherwise.

Either way the DP-12 seems like a pretty awesome rifle to shoot. Hoping to get my hands on this gun so that I can try running it through its paces to see how it can be applied for home defense and for competitive shooting.



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Here Are the Best DP-12 Shotgun Shooting Techniques