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The Best App for the Modern Hunter: Hunt Predictor


Hunt Predictor by Sportsman Tracker is the best app you can download to help your hunting season.


The modern hunter knows that the more you make use of technology, the better your chances of hunting success. If you search your app store you will find numerous apps that will claim to help you be a better hunter, and most of them will help you in one way or another.

The Hunt Predictor by Sportsman Tracker is an app that combines many of these others and more to give you what could be the best app for the modern hunter. The number of features of this one app is incredible.

The beauty of the predictor

Some of the features on Hunt Predictor include, location plotting, this lets you save stand locations with exact latitude and longitude coordinates and weather that is updated regularly and can be programmed specifically to your stand locations and includes, sunrise/sunset times so you can make sure you’re in legal hunting light.

Hunt Predictor also gives you a best time to hunt chart for each stand. Their formula takes into account many different factors including moon phase, temperature, barometric pressure, wind, and much more.

Image via Facebook/SportsmanTracker

The one downside to Hunt Predictor is that it does not let you take your own notes about a particular stand or location such as in the ScoutLook Weather DeerLog app. If this feature was integrated I think The Hunt Predictor would be quite possibly the best app for the modern hunter.

Find out more about Hunt Predictor at, and for our fishing readers, check out the Fish Predictor.

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Check out Hunt Predictor and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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The Best App for the Modern Hunter: Hunt Predictor