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The Ideal App for Anglers & Hunters: Sportsman Safe

Sportsman Safe is simplifying the hunting and fishing license process.

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Do you ever wish there was an easier way carry all those bulking hunting and fishing licenses with you? Well, there’s an app for that.

Sportsman Safe (free for iPhone users) was developed by two Florida sportsmen who came up with an idea to address the issue. Thick paper licenses took up a lot of real estate in their wallets, and were more susceptible to damage from being folded, torn, and sat on.

Their solution – store the licenses on their phones.

Creators of the Sportsman Safe app, Jay, Bill, and Ryan, dubbed this feature as the “license locker.” You can store up to three digital copies of your licenses for free. Five additional license holders can be purchased for only $0.99, or an unlimited amount for $2.99. Much less costly than the price to either reprint or replace a license.

Not only will the license locker store your tags, you can also enter expiration dates. The app will remind you when new tags need to be purchased, and can also aid in avoiding a fee for carrying an expired license.

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It’s important to note that digital licenses may not be acceptable in all states. Please contact your local DNR or Fish & Wildlife officials to determine the legality of digital licenses.

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The Ideal App for Anglers & Hunters: Sportsman Safe