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Best 7 American Redfishing States

Charles Riekers

These 7 States offer the best opportunity to catch trophy a trophy redfish and bag a limit.

These are the seven best states to fish for redfish. You can easily visit each one here in the United States.

1. North Carolina

In the Tarheel State, redfish are commonly referred to as red drum. The world record of 94 pounds and two ounces came from this state. The Outer Banks area is known for easy access to redfish from the surf or piers. Early October is the best time to catch trophy redfish.

As soon as the first big mullet run comes in from the ocean the redfish action heats up tremendously. The Hatteras and Crystal Coast beaches are excellent areas to target.

Joe Riekers
Joe Riekers

2. South Carolina

In the South Carolina low-country marshes you may hear redfish called spot-tailed bass. October and November is when the baitfishes travel the cool waters along the marshes and trophy redfish follow. From North Inlet to the South Santee River there are over 80,000 acres of prime marsh habitat. Sight fishing or even fly-fishing with live bait is your best bet.

3. Georgia

The coastal area of Georgia hold plenty of big redfish. The Cumberland Islands and Golden Islands are surrounded by outstanding redfish areas. The marshes along the Intercoastal Waterway can be accessed by boat are prime area. Live shrimp and local “popper” jigs are good combinations. The long season and outstanding action make this one of the best redfishing states.

Charles Riekers
Carlos Riekers

4. Florida

Titusville, Tampa Bay and Apalachicola attract waves of fisherman seeking trophy redfish. These areas have well-managed fisheries that are productive throughout the season. Jigs and various live baits work well. There is an abundance of fish in some of these areas and the odds of catching a trophy are very good.

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5. Texas

Laguna Madre, South Padre Island, Rockport and Port Aransas are hot spots for trophy redfish. Conn-Brown Harbor in Aransas Pass is a good place to launch your boat since a few miles in just about any direction will put you in the heart of redfish habitat. Pay close attention to the license and tag requirements for trophy redfish as it varies from year to year. Live shrimp is the go-to bait while small fish baits and jigs are also effective on localized populations.

Access, action and aggressive fish make this one of the best redfishing states.

Joe Riekers
Joe Riekers

6. Louisiana

The inshore waters of Louisiana are fantastic redfish environments. Major focal points include Buras and Venice. 40-inch redfish are caught on a regular basis. No particular time period stands out as the best. Statistically, anglers have caught most trophy-sized redfish in this area in September, October, February and June. Here’s one place where the time of the year doesn’t really matter. Plugs, spoons, jigs and spinnerbaits are all effective depending on weather and tide conditions.

7. Mississippi

Anywhere from Biloxi to Gulfport will have you in good redfish country. Some of the areas are remote or hard to access without a shallow draft boat. Plugs, shrimp and jigs are all effective. Drifting a marsh-line is an effective method here. The consistency in this area is what makes it one of the best redfishing states.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and fish some redfish, I bet one of these places isn’t too far from you.

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Best 7 American Redfishing States