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The Best Products of the 2015 Indianapolis Boat Sport and Travel Show [PICS]

All photos by Brad Smith, unless specified

The Indianapolis Boat Sport and Travel Show is an outdoors event unlike any other.

The 2015 Indianapolis Boat Sport and Travel Show has come to an end. Acres of fishing, hunting, boats, and RVs filled building after building with rows of people passing through, shoulder to shoulder. Anything and everything involving the outdoors was put on display and all of Indiana was there to see it.

A few products did stand out though. These products not only stood out to me, but also to the crowds of people gathered around putting in orders or buying right there on the spot. A few of these prodcuts you may have seen before, some of them not. Either way, if you aren't at least aware of these brands you are behind because the 2015 fishing and hunting season is about to start.


Making their first appearance in Indianapolis to showcase their blind, GhostBlind had a crowd around their booth every time I walked by. With a full display, and blinds for sale, Indiana hunters were shown a better way to hunt from the ground and many hunters who made purchases were instantly ready for turkey season. Do yourself a favor and check these blinds out. Not seeing is truly believing.


Throw 'N Thunder

It's no secret I'm a big fan of these guys. Their spinnerbaits are tough as nails and flat out catch fish. However, the Throw 'N Thunder Quakebait is what brought a crowd to their section of the event. This chatter bait, with a bade attached to the bottom, was one of the hottest baits at the show. I was lucky enough to grab a couple myself, but very few may have had the opportunity later in the week. Amazing color schemes for all their lures also grabbed a lot of attention because some of their patterns are just not found anywhere else. Getting my hands on these lures made me almost not able to wait for ice off.


Flatbed Tents 

When I walked by this booth, I literally had to stand in line just to get a peek at these tents. Flatbed Tents solves every one of my longer-term camping problems, especially when I'm going fishing or hunting for the weekend and don't want to get a hotel, but don't want to sleep in my truck or tent on the ground either. These tents fit a variety of common flat beds and can be shipped anywhere in the country. I'm pretty confident I'll find myself sleeping in one of these by fall.

Facebook/Flatbed Tents


Grandt Rods 

You may not be familiar with these rods but you should be. I was blown away by the attention to detail, design, and custom color schemes. From saltwater to fly fishing, they cover it all with a lifetime warranty. In particular, the Grandt Cuda Rods really caught my attention. Fisherman after fisherman picked these rods up, felt how incredibly light but incredibly strong they were, and passed them off to the next guy so they could take their turn. To say these rods may have broken the mold in the fishing industry would be an understatement.


As you can see from just a few of these companies that attended the show, it was an incredible experience. Thousands of Hoosiers flooded the fair grounds for two weeks seeing everything there was to see. Until next year, we have all year to wait until the Boat Sport and Travel Show comes back to Indianapolis.

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The Best Products of the 2015 Indianapolis Boat Sport and Travel Show [PICS]