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Essential Information on the Bersa Thunder .380


Everyone looking to the .380 for self-defense needs to know about the Bersa Thunder .380 handgun.

I’ll admit it; the gun’s name is a bit misleading. The word “thunder” and the .380 caliber cartridge don’t typically work in the same sentence. One thinks of personal protection handguns and the general consensus is larger caliber handguns make bigger holes in threatening individuals. I agree, to an extent.

Just as in fishing, some situations warrant using lighter line to catch the fish you are after. I prefer to have the biggest caliber handgun at arms’ reach if needed, but if I cannot hit the threat, I’m just making noise.

The gun is chambered in .380 auto. For seasoned shooters and personal protection, most would agree to step up your knockdown potential. For novice shooters and those looking for a gun that is accurate without much recoil, the Bersa will get it done.

Flickr/David Whitewolf

The Bersa Thunder .380 is user-friendly. Even though it basically is half of a 9mm, it will still poke a hole in a bad guy. If smaller frame shooters are looking to carry a handgun, the Bersa might just fit the bill.

The Bersa isn’t dainty, but manageable by most all who pick up the gun. It measures around six and half inches in length and weighs 20 ounces. The barrel on this blowback operated pistol is three and a half inches long and can hold eight rounds fully loaded.

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This gun is a double/single action design with lots of safety features. The trigger is smooth and can be mastered in a few shots. The Bersa can be shot accurately by most anyone willing to try. The alloy frame and steel slide are topped with average sights. In most conditions the sight picture is pretty good, but shooting in bright conditions are a bit difficult for my middle-aged eyes.

The gun is a clever copy of the Walther PPK with a little hint of Makarov thrown in the mix. I might note that there are several versions out there as well, but I make references to the standard Thunder alone.

The gun is manufactured in Argentina, but I urge you to shoot one before you judge. Bersa has been around for a while now, due in large part to the success of this little workhorse pistol. The Rugers, Glocks, Berettas and Sigs are the big names in the .380 market, but this Bersa is worth a try.

The gun is flat out reliable, and priced very reasonably. And it is accurate as can be. Those are pluses in my book. You can accessorize this firearm as well. Check out Cabela’s for concealed carry holsters by Bianchi and lasers by LaserLyte.

This isn’t a cheap gun. This is a firearm priced right to perform great and allow one to enjoy shooting, whether it is an old pro or newcomer in the realm of handguns.

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Essential Information on the Bersa Thunder .380