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The Beretta 418 .25 ACP: Shooting James Bond’s First Gun [VIDEO]

If it was good enough for .007, it’s likely good enough for most. Check out the Beretta 418 in action.

The .25 ACP pocket pistol was once a serious carry pistol and very popular amongst civilians, gangsters, and military officers for discreet self protection. Even James Bond carried a .25. That gun was the Beretta 418.

Beretta is the best known maker of quality .25 ACP pistols and one of their first was the Beretta 418. The gun had its origins in post World War I Italy and would be produced in different variations until the late 1950s.

The most notable user of the 418 is Ian Fleming’s fictitious James Bond character. Later on, the gun would be switched to a Walther PPK in .32 caliber as the 418 was deemed too underpowered for use. This switch can be seen in the first Bond film, “Dr. No.”

However, M cannot tell me to give up my 418. Here it is in action at the range:

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The 418, also called the Bantam, is a seven shot auto loader that is blowback operated and features a two inch barrel mounted under the famous Beretta open slide. The sights are fixed and very low. The gun is striker fired and has a thumb safety that doubles as a slide stop as well as a heel release for the magazine.

The humble pocket pistol, normally in .25 ACP or .32 ACP, kept society civil in the first half of the 20th Century in America. They were also very popular in Europe in both military circles and in the civilian world.

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The Beretta 418 .25 ACP: Shooting James Bond’s First Gun [VIDEO]