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Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Fires Arrows at 450 FPS


A rifle that shoots an arrow may seem like sci-fi, but it’s been a reality for some time. The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is the latest realization of the weapon.

Based on the design of the Benjamin Bulldog air rifle, the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is the first commercially viable arrow firing airgun to be mass produced and widely available in the states. Sweden’s FX makes arrow firing airguns, although they are not widely available in the U.S..

This air rifle has all of the attributes for accurately firing full weight arrows with full weight broadheads at any size game.

With an onboard 3000 psi reservoir, it provides enough power to allow 8 shots at full power per fill, thanks to an integrated pressure regulator.

The Pioneer Airbow comes as a complete kit, including a 6x40mm scope, scope rings, a Picatinny-mountable quiver, and a padded sling. It also includes three arrows, the only real difference between these and regular 250 spine carbon fiber arrows is in the nock. There is no nock! Instead, the arrows are equipped with a reinforcing collar bonnet to enable them to be threaded onto the firing shaft.

The filling reservoir is unique as well, in that there is no bleeding of air. Once the reservoir is full, it locks in place, enabling you to safely remove the filling tank with no loss of power.

The cocking bolt only requires two pounds of pressure to engage, making it easy to operate with either hand, from any position.

This looks like a lot of fun to shoot. Jim Shockey has even killed a full grown bison with the Pioneer Airbow.

The entire Benjamin Pioneer Airbow retails at $999, but Crosman has a deal going on right now that includes six additional arrows for that price.

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Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Fires Arrows at 450 FPS