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The Benjamin Bulldog .357 Packs a Punch

Benjamin Bulldog

Air gun technology has really leaped forward in recent years. The Benjamin Bulldog .357 air rifle is at the leading edge, enabling you to hunt medium-sized game.

The Benjamin Bulldog .357 air rifle is about as powerful as a .38 Special or 9mm handgun. This is an air rifle designed for hunting medium sized game like wild hogs, coyotes, and even whitetail deer.

The Bulldog shoots with a quiet report that will not send every game animal within a quarter mile running for the hills. It's about as loud as your average unsuppressed .22.

The Bulldog barrel is surrounded by a baffle-less, trapezoidal shaped suppressor, creating a "sound trap", which enables the rifle to fire big bore .357 slugs incredibly quietly. It's also got a long Picatinny rail on top and underneath for multiple sighting accessories.

You can fire up to ten shots per charge of the rifle by using the 5-shot rotary magazines. And for you lefties out there, the cocking mechanism can be used on either side of the rifle.

The ballistics are surprisingly good, depending on what ammo you use. As a result, you'll be able to effectively drop game at over 50 yards and fire ten rounds before having to refill the rifle.

One reviewer reported that he "Found my best groups of 2.75 inches at 60 yards out of SNS 130g Round Nose Flat Points traveling at 701 fps average." That's pretty decent accuracy at 60 yards, and should put a slug into the vitals of any wild hog or whitetail.

If you get a kick out of shooting or hunting with a sci-fi looking rifle that is fairly quiet, then the Benjamin Bulldog might make it onto your short list.

Be sure to check out Crosman's Benjamin Pioneer Airbow as well. This air rifle that shoots arrows was based on the Bulldog technology.

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The Benjamin Bulldog .357 Packs a Punch