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Bengal Tiger Snatches Fisherman off Boat in India

A Bengal tiger snatched a fisherman out of his boat as his children watched.

Sunshil Manjhi was crab fishing on Thursday with his son and daughter in the Sundarbans national park in eastern India when a Bengal tiger attacked him in his boat, according to the BBC.

Manjihi’s son Jyotish said the Bengal tiger leapt aboard and clamped it’s jaws around his father’s neck, and then “quickly flung my father on his back and gave a giant leap before disappearing into the forest.”

Jyotish and his sister tried to beat the tiger with sticks, but to no avail. Manjihi is presumed dead.

Manjhi was one of the many poor fishermen in the region who make their living by crab fishing in the Sundarbans, even though it’s an illegal practice. The park is one of India’s largest wildlife reserve for Bengal tigers, and is also home to several large predators.

This attack was the fourth Bengal tiger attack on a human in the Sundarbans this year.

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Bengal Tiger Snatches Fisherman off Boat in India