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Benelli Ethos Shotgun: Shot Show 2014 [VIDEO]

The Benelli Ethos has captured the attention of SHOT Show 2014 attendees, not only for its capabilities but for it’s fantastic look and style.

Aside from it’s distinct styling, the first thing we noticed about the Benelli Ethos was how lightweight it is; the shotgun weighs in at only 6-and-a-half pounds. It’s an ergonomical and comfortable gun, especially when it comes to recoil. The stocks feature Benelli’s Progressive Comfort technology, which reduce recoil up to 42 percent. Also, the new Easy Locking System in the bolt ensures secure locking with minimal pressure. Wide Open Spaces sat down with Benelli’s Joe Coogan  for a look at what makes the Benelli Ethos so unique.

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Benelli Ethos Shotgun: Shot Show 2014 [VIDEO]