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The Benefits of Using Braided Line for Ice Fishing [VIDEO]

What makes braided line a good option while ice fishing? Check out this video from Clam Outdoors and learn the benefits of using this material. 

Ice fisherman have many options to chose from when selecting lures, rods, and baits, but there’s one kind of line that makes any ice fishing adventure more efficient.

Watch as Jason Mitchell from Clam Outdoors shares his expertise about braided line in this brief video.


Braided line was one of the earliest types of fishing line ever used, and it’s still a popular option today. Known for its lack of stretch, knot strength, and relative power compared to its diameter, braided line has a commanding presence in the ice fishing world.

As Jason Mitchell demonstrated in this video, braided line helps make any ice fishing trip more efficient. Ice build up is a common issue, and as temperatures plummet, the likelihood of ice forming on your line is greater. The answer: use braided line and all you have to do is run your hand down the length of the line to remove the ice. The strength of braided line allows you to pull off the ice without damaging the line.

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The Benefits of Using Braided Line for Ice Fishing [VIDEO]