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The Benefits of Hiking Makes You Healthier and Happier


Hiking is more than just simply reaching a summit and admiring the views, it's also good for your health too. The benefits of hiking are vast.

Hikers may have to deal with annoying bugs and blisters just to overcome a brutal summit and to spend time reconnecting with nature. But despite the hardships of reaching the top of a snow-capped mountain or enjoying the scenic rolling green hills there is also a wealth of mental and physical benefits associated with hiking too.

The benefits of hiking are vast.

Fit Hikers

Hitting a trail, ascending a mountain or just walking around your local park will work out a person's body just as much as it works out your brain. According to the American Hiking Society, on average a person burns 100 calories for every mile they walk and is a great way of keeping the weight off  compared to people who diet who gain weight again quickly.

As a popular activity that has varying levels of difficulty involved it is open to everyone that doesn't put too much pressure on a person's joints while improving cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness. Furthermore, by regularly walking the trails cholesterol and blood pressure are significantly reduced by 4-10 points while the danger of heart disease, diabetes and strokes for those at high risk is lowered.

flickr/Danielle Nelson
Flickr/Danielle Nelson

It Tones Everything

There are no doubts about it, but hiking it a great way of toning up your butt and helping to define your lower body, such as your quads, hamstrings and glutes. If you use walking poles or need to use your hands for a bit of scrambling then you've got an all-over workout for your body. Not only that, but if you carry a backpack then you'll be focusing in on working out your core and back muscles too.

Happy Hikers

For many people working desk jobs and 40 hour weeks can become a daily slog with no end in sight; however, hiking can be utilized as an additional therapy source for those who feel that their day-to-day life is getting a bit too much. Simply taking the time out to explore the great outdoors for a few hours or a day produces positive feelings of revitalization, decreasing anger, depression and tension as your mind and body are mentally reset giving you the boost you need to tackle your home life or the office again.

flickr/Gunnar Hildonen
Flickr/Gunnar Hildonen

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Take Control

Nowadays, it's very easy to get caught up in the latest weight loss craze with high-intensity workouts, and unfortunately, not all these will work for everybody. With hiking you can take control of your own workout whether that's walking along a scenic trail or climbing a steep mountain. You can decide to enjoy a lazy afternoon stroll, a long weekend walk or a long-distance adventure, but what's important is that you will feel as though you've achieved something more compared to completing a circuit or spinning session at the gym.

Go out and take a hike!

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The Benefits of Hiking Makes You Healthier and Happier