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Bella the Baby Bear Loves Belly Rubs

Have you ever seen anything cuter than a baby bear that loves belly rubs?

Bella the bear cub is a grizzly that was orphaned and rescued in Alaska. In this video, the baby bear spends a little quality time with naturalist Casey Anderson.

Watch the video to see how friendly a baby bear can be.

While this footage is cute, it’s important to remember that this is not the type of behavior humans should exhibit around baby bears in the wild.

If you come across baby bears while in the woods, there’s a pretty good chance their mother is somewhere nearby. This could make for a dangerous situation if she sees you and mistakes your intentions. Leave the area quickly and quietly and do what you can to avoid a human/bear conflict.

Or alternatively, you could become a naturalist and bear expert like Casey Anderson and adopt an orphaned baby bear of your own.


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Bella the Baby Bear Loves Belly Rubs