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Behind the Scenes Look at Outdoor Filming… and Farming?

When it comes to farming fish, it may not be what you think.

We all have a buddy (or we are that buddy) that loses more fish than we catch. That’s called farming. This video by Redington gives a behind the scenes look at outdoor filming and how many fish they farm.

Fishing videos make it look easy. Every fish gets caught and they never flip off the hook. They always hit the bait and are great fighters. Well, this video shows the other side to the story.

Even if you are farming lots of fish, it’s still better than what most people have to do for work. If nothing else, this video shows us that the professionals can have the same frustrations as the rest of us.

This is true not just of fly fishing, but any type of fishing. We all have our worries and problems, but it’s good to know that we’re not alone.

I think we could all agree that missing a huge hammerhead shark is still better than sitting in an office or working the factory floor. Not to mention, the ones that we farm tend to grow bigger than the ones we harvest.



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Behind the Scenes Look at Outdoor Filming… and Farming?