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Behind the Scenes of Those Crazy Costa Sunglasses Sculptures [VIDEO]

Costa Sunglasses Tarpon Art

These Costa sunglasses turn out to be much more than a tool to help you spot fish; they can also become a work of art.

You have probably heard about how awesome Costa sunglasses are.

You might have even heard that they are the best sunglasses out there for fishermen, helping you spot fish that were invisible with your old cheap sunglasses.

Now, we find that Costa sunglasses also look pretty cool when they are turned into fish. The process is a bit more involved than you might guess.


This is definitely one of the coolest marketing campaigns I have seen in a while. The detail that goes into each work of art is incredible. The lenses are a pretty obvious choice for making a good fish scale. The tarpon looks pretty realistic since tarpon have fairly large scales as it is. The color works especially well on that one also.

What really amazed me is how they used the rest of the Costa sunglasses frames and especially the ear pieces. Who knew that they would make perfect fins and tails on a wide variety of fish? Definitely not me!

Now that I have watched this video, I really want that tarpon up on my wall. Talk about a cool work of art for the fishing room. Next time I have a few hundred pairs of sunglasses just sitting around, I already know what I’m going to do with them!

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Behind the Scenes of Those Crazy Costa Sunglasses Sculptures [VIDEO]