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Archival Footage of the Iconic Jeep [VIDEO]


The classic Jeep actually started as a military vehicle.

It’s now so much more.

Check out some archival footage of this amazing all-terrain vehicle.

When this iconic vehicle started out in the military, servicemen fell in love. It was the go-anywhere, do-anything, all-terrain vehicle.

The company manufactured Civilian Jeep models in 1945 and the civilian love affair began.

It has been a firestorm ever since. With the available aftermarket parts, you can turn your trusty Jeep into the ultimate road warrior, making it the best choice for an outdoorsman.

Jeep enthusiasts are a passionate group who take their vehicles quite seriously.

Long live the Jeep – America’s original all-terrain vehicle!

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Archival Footage of the Iconic Jeep [VIDEO]