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Beginner’s Luck? 20-Year-Old Lady Hunter Takes 950-Pound Bull Moose

20 year old lady hunter with moose

Sarah Starkweather from Newfane, Newfoundland, sure hit the lottery on her first-ever hunt with her father.

As a young lady hunter born into a hunting family, the spirit of it all came pretty naturally. However, sometimes things just line up. In this case, Sarah Starkweather’s hunt is a true story good enough to be a work of fiction.

Kirk Starkweather, Sarah’s father, let her decide where she wanted to go hunting for her first week-long trip. It took her father five years to bag his first moose, and Sarah hoped for the same thing. As it turned out, though, it took her a whole lot less time.

“I remember always thinking it was my favorite type of meat,” Sarah said in an interview. “But it was also kind of like an ego thing. My family all started out small with deer or fox, and I wanted to start out big and be able to say I got a moose as my first hunting experience.”

Two days into her first-ever hunting trip with her father, she dropped a good one.

“It didn’t feel real until I went to retrieve him,” said Sarah. “Once I saw him, I was like, ‘I’m actually hunting now, I’m going to get a moose. It didn’t sink in until I saw him.’ “

It took one shot at 182 yards to drop it, and the moose fell without taking much of a step.

“How can anything possibly top what I have dreamed of since I was kid?” she said. “Nothing quite compares to getting a moose.”

Congrats, Sarah! That’s a dream come true many hunters will never get to experience.


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Beginner’s Luck? 20-Year-Old Lady Hunter Takes 950-Pound Bull Moose