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It’s Beer o’ Clock for this Michigan Deer [VIDEO]

Birmingham Deer takes “beer o’ clock” to another level when he attempts to run inside a beer brewery.

Deer season not only offers the opportunity to hunt, but it provides a chance to relax, kick back, and enjoy the finer things in life—including beer.

Apparently, this Birmingham deer had the same idea when he tried to run inside a beer brewery. His attempt at enjoying a cold one ultimately failed, however, as he slammed into the glass at the front of the building.

Take a look at this video and watch how fast this deer was running towards the brewery.

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Thankfully, reports indicate that the deer is fine, and no damage was reported to the brewery.

The folks at Griffin Claw Brewing Company will likely have a pretty great story to tell for a long time.

Their beer’s so good even the wildlife wants some!

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It’s Beer o’ Clock for this Michigan Deer [VIDEO]