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Brewery Uses Drone To Deliver Beer To Ice Fishermen [VIDEO]

A Minnesota brewery is testing a drone delivery service to fishermen on frozen lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

You’ve probably seen or heard about Amazon’s plan to use aerial drones to make deliveries, but it seems Minnesota brewery Lakemaid Beer has beaten them to the punch.

The company posted a video on their website last week that shows a drone delivery of beer from a tackle shop to thirsty ice fishermen way out on a frozen lake. Lakemaid Beer said they’ve been testing their drone delivery service on top ice fishing lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“It’s the perfect proving ground for drone delivery,” Lakemaid Beer President Jack Supple told Field and Stream. “Our initial tests on several mid-size lakes have been very successful. We’re looking forward to testing the range of our drones on larger lakes.”

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Lately, we’ve heard a number of interesting stories about how drone technology is working its way into the outdoor sports world. Last fall, we wrote about wild boar hunters who use drones to help them hunt at night, and more recently we reported on how PETA is using drones to monitor hunters’ activities on the ground.

It seems widespread drone use is inevitable, but if it’s going to be used partly to deliver beer to us on the lake, we’re okay with that.

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Brewery Uses Drone To Deliver Beer To Ice Fishermen [VIDEO]