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These Beer Can Bacon Burgers Are the Stuff of Dreams

Beer can bacon burgers are a must-try for any grilling occasion. 

The BBQ Pit Boys have broken down the science of making delicious bacon burgers for everyone to enjoy. Well, all of the people who eat meat, that is.

Watch these burger crafters make a masterpiece.

Burgers can be the central focus for any grilling party. These burgers will definitely get everyone talking, especially since they are fairly easy to create. While there's no beer in the burger itself, you can actually add it by creating a sauce using the beer and seasoning options to glaze over the top once the burgers are finished.

In fact, there's no excuse to not make this recipe tonight for dinner because this BBQ Pit Boy is braving the cold temperatures and snow on the ground to create this masterpiece. If he can do it for the bacon, so can you. In fact, as he says, it's best to use a cold burger for this, so get on out there.

If paper recipes are better than videos, the recipe can be found here.

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These Beer Can Bacon Burgers Are the Stuff of Dreams