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Is Beer Bulletproof? [VIDEO]

Watch what a .50 Desert Eagle does to a carton of Miller Lite beer!

Tom from BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests asks the question: Is beer bulletproof?

He sets out to discover whether a carton containing 15 cans of beer can stop a .50 projectile as well as a bulletproof vest, which can stop a bullet even when shot point blank from a distance of three yards.

The results are surprising, as beer cans go flying in every direction!

Tom himself can’t quite account for the outcome, saying “I don’t even understand how that works….I don’t fully get it – there’s some shrapnel involved here, and other things, because you would think that the most it would have gone through is 10 beers, but there’s gotta be like 15 of them blown apart here!”

Tom leaves us with the advice that “If you like beer, don’t shoot them with a gun!”

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Is Beer Bulletproof? [VIDEO]