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The Only Bed Fishing Bait That You Need to Use This Season [VIDEO]

Don’t be ignored by those bass on the beds. Use this combination to help you land more fish.

Are bass on the bed frustrating you? I know I have been there before. There is nothing more irritating than floating around a flat, seeing a bunch of tournament-worthy fish and not being able to get them interested in what is being offered.

If you’ve ever been in that situation, then take some advice from this angler about how to seal the deal and hook up with all of those fish that you see on the beds.

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of bass fishing is finding new ways to catch them. Putting a pattern together can be a fun problem to solve, and when I find a new tool to help me put the puzzle together more quickly, it can really make my day. It’s like trying a new meal that becomes your favorite food.

Some of my favorites days fishing were when I was having the most trouble and then another angler would offer me a technique or a lure that I had never used before.

As anglers, we have a tendency to hoard plastics, crankbaits, rods and reels to the point where our garages are overflowing with gear. Or, when out on the water, there will be 20 rods on the deck for every possible situation. The Spot Remover Jig head and white Strike King Rage Craw combination in this video proves that sometimes, one lure is all you need for a day of fishing.

The fish are on the beds in the south and in the northern part of the country, the freeze is over and the waters are warming. Go out and get yourself this sure-fire bed fishing combination before the fish get on their nests.

Good luck and tight lines!

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The Only Bed Fishing Bait That You Need to Use This Season [VIDEO]