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Becoming A Better Nymph Fly Fisherman [VIDEO]

Want to become a better nymph fly fisherman?

World-renowned fly-fishing expert and guide Hank Patterson has some killer advice for you. Along with Hank's signature fly fishing advice, he also includes a few tidbits of sage life wisdom you'd be wise to adhere to as well.

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Remember, when nymphing, you have to mend it! And mend it again! And make sure you set that hook!

In all seriousness, Hank brings some great humor to the fly fishing arena, which is an environment that can sometimes be a bit too serious. Hank's videos are always great for a quick laugh during the day!

What are your opinions on nymphing? Did you enjoy these Hank Patterson videos? Share this and your thoughts! 

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Becoming A Better Nymph Fly Fisherman [VIDEO]