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Beaver Attacks New York Man, Pulls Him From Kayak [VIDEO]

A man in upstate New York has been hospitalized after being viciously attacked by a beaver during a kayaking lesson.

Michael Cavanaugh was learning how to kayak at the Baycreek Paddling Center at Irondequoit Creek last week when he was attacked by an angry beaver.

The vicious varmint pulled Cavanaugh from his kayak and bit him several times, leaving deep punctures in both his arms.

A nearby kayak instructor heard Cavanaugh's screams and paddled out to beat the beaver to death.

Cavanaugh was later hospitalized and treated for rabies.

State wildlife officials say beaver attacks like this are rare. When they do occur, it's generally over a territorial dispute, but sometimes it's due to rabies.

The beaver's carcass was later found downstream.

Here's more of the story from WHAM in Rochester.


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What would you do if you were attacked by a beaver?

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Beaver Attacks New York Man, Pulls Him From Kayak [VIDEO]