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Beauty Wins This Beastly Trout with Determination and Grit [VIDEO]

This determined lady fights the rain, sleet, and ice to haul in her first lake trout! And it’s a monster!

Cory Klopak took his girlfriend, Joanne, trout fishing for the first time (in less than perfect conditions) – you’ll be as surprised and happy as she was with the results!

Here’s how it happened:

Here’s what Cory Klopak had to say about his ice fishing trip to Northern Alberta, Canada:

After a weekend of fishing with friends, my girlfriend, Joanne let me know in no uncertain terms that it was time to fulfill one of her bucket list requirements: catching an Alberta Lake Trout! Gotta love it…so who was I to say no?

We get up bright and early on Saturday morning to commence our drive to the lake, only to wake up to freezing rain and a thin layer of ice on the roads. We braved the highways, travel was slow, but we were making decent time until we hit the back roads to the lake. It was like driving on a skating rink.

We had a few close calls with the ditch and narrowly avoided a collision with another vehicle that had spun out on a down slope. It was very scary; at one point I had to pull over to calm my nerves, and I looked over to Joanne. We both were thinking the same thing, is this really worth it? Of course, as any true angler knows and to my determined girl, it was!

We kept on and managed to make it to the lake in one piece, though hours later than we had intended. There had been warm weather all week that had melted the snow on the lake, and with the all the rain, the ice was flooded with water. We were driving in inches of water on top of ice, and it made for a very nerve-racking experience.

Once we made it to our spot on the lake, setting up the ice tent was the next task. The wind was still howling and it made it very difficult. Once we had the tent sent up, the strength of the wind kept blowing in the side of the tent and eventually broke two support poles. I had to take straps from the truck and drill them into the ice to keep the tent from collapsing in on us.

Again I look over at Joanne and asked, is this really worth it? Turns out, it was. Not 30 minutes after drilling the first hole, Joanne hooked up with a fish, and I could tell right away it was a monster! A fifteen minute battle ensued, and in the end Joanne was the victor, pulling in this beautiful Alberta Lake Trout. We did not have a scale to weigh the fish, but took some quick measurements and photos, and released her back down the hole she came from to swim again and be caught another day.

The best part about all this, is this is Joanne’s first EVER lake trout! Not only that, but it is the largest I have seen caught on the lake within my group of friends and we have been going there for years. It measured 37.5″ long with a 20″ girth. After we released the fish, we looked at each other feeling the mission was accomplished and packed up our gear and went home. One heck of a fish for her first ever lake trout! She couldn’t have been any happier. Looking back on the horrible weather and close encounters on the highway, we have both decided, it was worth it!

Congratulations to Joanne – keep up the good work!

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Beauty Wins This Beastly Trout with Determination and Grit [VIDEO]