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Beautiful White Whale Spotted off Australia [VIDEO]


This rare humpback whale is possibly just one of two known living white whales.

Call me Ishmael! These whale watchers got the treat of a lifetime with the rare sighting of a white humpback.

The white whale was spotted off southern Queensland Australia’s Gold Coast according to News 7 out of Queensland. This new whale is something of a mystery to observers at the moment.

Another white whale off the coast of Australia named Migaloo was originally thought to be the only white whale in the world.

But then in 2011, according to the White Whale Research Institute, a pure white humpback whale calf was spotted that was named Migaloo Jr.

It is currently believed this newly-filmed whale is most likely Migaloo Jr because Migaloo has more of yellow pigment to his skin.

Whatever the case, it’s an amazing sighting. Just don’t let captain Ahab find out!

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Beautiful White Whale Spotted off Australia [VIDEO]