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Beautiful Stingray Ballet Caught on Camera by Drone [VIDEO]

This incredible stingray ballet might just be the first of its kind on video. 

The sea is full of wondrous and amazing creatures. Many of these creatures only make a few appearances a year and blow up the Internet when they do.

Other marine life, like a common stingray on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, is a sight locals and tourists see just about all the time, however, sometimes these common ocean critters do something different; like perform a stingray ballet.

In this amazing drone footage from The Alex Jones Channel, see a small group of stingrays orchestrating an incredibly synchronous dance in the water that would make Olympic synchronized swimmers a little jealous.

I can watch a video like this over and over again and it still never gets old.

Nature has incredible ways of always surprising us; even animals as normal and mundane as a stingray.

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Beautiful Stingray Ballet Caught on Camera by Drone [VIDEO]