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Beautiful Orca Family Photo Captured by Drone in Canada [PICS]

An orca family reunion was captured by a high flying drone near Vancouver Island, Canada, showing the sweet side of a top-level predator.

Drone pilot John Durban of the NOAA launched his unmanned vehicle over Vancouver Island in British Columbia and caught a family of “killer” whales swimming calmly in a family unit.

John Durban/NOAA

Conservationists are trying track the animals to observe health and diet.

Included in the study is predation on an orca favorite: Chinook salmon. Researchers are trying to determine whether or not the killer whales are affecting populations of salmon in this area of the sea.

Looking more like a walk in the park than a hunting pack, these orcas show their family mentality and group dynamic.

With all the negative publicity around drone use these days, it’s good to see one hard at work in conservation.

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Beautiful Orca Family Photo Captured by Drone in Canada [PICS]