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Beautiful Mule Deer Buck Caught Browsing in the Snow

Few people are lucky enough to see a mule deer of this caliber calmly browsing like this.

However, for those who are lucky enough to see it, it would be a pretty tough shot with their heartbeat sending the crosshairs 10 yards off with each thump.

This amazing video from Muley Tines will get your blood pressure up in no time.

Isn’t that a gorgeous sight? Soft sunlight draping the snow-covered brush, and a mule deer buck calmly walking among it all. For a deer hunter, that’s about as good as it gets. Especially when the buck turns its head and you see the mass and width on top of its skull.

Mule deer live throughout the western half of North America, browsing on shrubs and forbs in rangelands. They grow to be bigger than whitetails on average, and get their name from their large, floppy, mule-like ears. Their antlers can be truly huge, and this buck is no exception. While his rack probably already scores close to 200 inches, another year or two could do some amazing things for a mule deer like this.

How would you react to seeing this buck in the field?

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Beautiful Mule Deer Buck Caught Browsing in the Snow