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5 Crazy Videos of Bears Gone Wild [VIDEOS]

Check out these viral videos of bears gone wild.

Some of these people are crazy, some pretty dumb, and others just unlucky, but all found their way to insta-fame via bear attack!

Check out these five top viral bear attack videos. Don't worry, all the victims live to tell the tale, albeit a little (or a lot!) worse for the wear.

Yeah, so maybe DON'T sit right next to a grizzly bear next time. This poor lady learns that little golden (or grizzly) rule the hard way!

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does." Living proof below!

Sooooo...when the sign says DON'T APPROACH THE BEAR, I'm pretty sure they mean DON'T APPROACH THE BEAR!!!

"Daddy, do bears eat people?" "Why yes, son. Yes, they do." This guy apparently didn't have this all-important conversation with his dad when he was little.

All right...let's finish it off with a little smile and some advice. The bigger they are, the harder the bite!

Remember, don't feed the bears!

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5 Crazy Videos of Bears Gone Wild [VIDEOS]