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A Bear Walks into a Bar… [VIDEO]

A big black bear walks into a bar in Estes Park, Colorado and no one seems to notice.

The patrons were probably too busy having a good time to worry about bears wandering in.

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Daniel Lyle, who happened to see the bear making his way into the bar, even yelled to warn everyone…

I guess nothing seemed palpable to him, so he just kept wandering. He didn’t think too long before he just started walking into the bar, so I followed him back to these back doors, right under the Coor’s sign. I tried to holler ‘bear’ so people could hear me, they were oblivious. He kept wandering up towards the middle bar where all the patrons were.

Luckily this bear wasn’t in the mood for a happy hour and he just turned around and headed back out of the bar. Leaving the patrons to enjoy their beverages in peace, you know, without being mauled to death.

The owner of the bar says, “We are in the Rocky Mountains, it’s their territory not ours,” and they plan to make shots named after the parched bear.

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A Bear Walks into a Bar… [VIDEO]