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Bear Surprises Couple Outside California Home [VIDEO]

A bear surprises a couple leaving a home in Pasadena, California in this shocking home surveillance video.

KTLA News reported that Scottish couple Bob and Irene McKeown were visiting a relative’s home in Pasadena, California on Tuesday morning when they encountered the bear. The home’s entrance had a surveillance camera that captured some startling footage of the encounter. In the video, a bear is lurking right outside the home’s front door as the McKeowns are exiting. The couple goes through the motions of opening and closing the door completely unaware that the bear is right next to them. As they walk out of the camera’s view, the bear follows them to their car. Here’s the video.

What happened off camera was a bit of a nail biter. As Bob helped Irene into the car, he realized that something was clawing at his leg.

“I closed the door and I looked…a bear!,” Bob McKeown told KTLA News. “You don’t know how scared you are, you just see a bear. I’ve never encountered a bear.”

With Irene safely in the vehicle, Bob dashed back into the house. He ended up going to the hospital for a tetanus shot, but he will be alright.

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Apparently, Pasadena has had a number of bears roaming through residential areas in recent days. A drought in the area has driven the bears down from the woods to residential areas to look for water and food.

Featured image credit: Chuck Foster

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Bear Surprises Couple Outside California Home [VIDEO]