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A Bear Spray That Fires from Your Backpack Could Help in Dire Situation [VIDEO]

Pinned to the ground by an enraged bear? The Back Attack Pack™ could offer you a fighting chance.

Promoted as, "The first change in bear spray delivery in over 20 years," the UDAP Back Attack Pack is a bag-encased canister of powerful bear deterrent spray that attaches to the outside of most backpacks.

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By pulling a shoulder strap ripcord, the wearer is able to trigger an intense and directed fog of what UDAP declares to be the "hottest and most potent" bear spray formula available. The device may be employed in standing, kneeling or prone positions.


The pack was invented by stuntman and outdoorsman Billy Lucas. After reading a news story of a bear attack followed by his own close encounter with a bear while on a fishing trip, Lucas was determined to come up with, if not a better way, an additional way to survive a bear attack. He discovered that in most instances of bear attacks people instinctively run, which is usually not the best course of action as running is thought to trigger a bear's pursuit response. The other instinctive response people make when a bear attacks is to drop down into a defensive position, face down with hands covering the neck. Lucas understood that people are vulnerable in either of these positions, running and/or prone on the ground.

He then spent three years in research and development for what would become the Back Attack Pack, and approached UDAP, a company that specializes in bear deterrent sprays and tools, to further develop and market the device. UDAP is itself a company founded by bear attack survivor, Mark Matheny.

Tim Lynch, General Manager for UDAP, reinforces that the Back Attack Pack should be considered a last defense measure, in addition to handheld bear spray and proper bear-aware behavior.

"This is designed to get that bear off your back," Lynch said. "It's not to replace spray, but in addition to it. This is sort of a backup, like a reserve parachute."

Most bear encounters happen in a matter of seconds, offering very little reaction time. If a person should find themselves in a situation with an attacking bear where response time is nil, a backup defense system would probably be a very welcome option to have available.

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A Bear Spray That Fires from Your Backpack Could Help in Dire Situation [VIDEO]