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Watch as a Bear Rescues a Drowning Crow [VIDEO]

A bear rescues a drowning crow in the most nonchalant animal rescue ever.

Youtube user Alexsander Medveš uploaded this video of a bear rescuing a drowning crow from a pond in the bear pens at the Budapest Zoo in Hungary.

It's a remarkable example of one animal species rescuing another.

That being said, this bear took his sweet time. He was more concerned with the fruit scattered around his den than getting the crow out in a jiffy. He even takes a break midway through the rescue to chow down on an apple.

After he pulls the poor crow out of the water, the exasperated bird actually looks at the bear, as if it's thinking, "Man, you just saved my life. Thank you so much. What can I do for you?"

To which the bear responds, "Nom nom nom. Fruit good."

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Watch as a Bear Rescues a Drowning Crow [VIDEO]