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Bear Reports in Olympic National Park Force Camping Closures

The News Tribune

Olympic National Park forces camping closures in Enchanted Valley after numerous bear sightings.

Temporary camping closures in Olympic National Park has limited visitors' access to the Enchanted Valley region. The area on the west side of Olympic National Park was recently plagued with an aggressive bear presence that resulted in closures.

Olympic National Park Superintendent, Sarah Creachbaum, told reporters "Bears that eat human food come to consider people as a food source and are extremely dangerous. Sadly, bears have gotten into and consumed human food this spring in Enchanted Valley, and we have closed the area to camping."

According to reports, visitors reported seeing a bear eating human food and waste which led to closing the area to camping, but hiking is permitted.

The closure will remain in effect until late this month. When Olympic National Park officials reopen the camping area, campers will be required to obtain bear-proof storage for all food and trash.Creachbaum added, "We will re-open Enchanted Valley to camping as soon as we are able to do so. When it re-opens, the use of bear cans will be required for all overnight use in the area."

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Bear Reports in Olympic National Park Force Camping Closures