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Bear Heads for Crowd Rather Than Woods After Being Released [VIDEO]

You can plan and prepare all you like, but you can never guarantee everything’s gonna go down the way it should.

This bear release went from normal to terrifying in the span of a few seconds.

On September 2, wildlife officials released two black bears, a mother and her cub, into the Sierra wilderness. This was immediately following an accidental trapping of the bears near a residence in Crystal Bay. The trap, according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife, wasn’t meant for the two bears, but for a bear who has been known to cause tremendous damage in the area.

Instead, the mother bear was caught in the trap while her cub ran around outside, trying to get in with her. The two were then tranquilized, tagged, tattooed, and micro chipped on Tuesday before Wednesday’s release.

When it came time to release them, things did not go according to plans.

NDOW Black Bear Biologist, Carl Lackey, warns the public, saying “Hopefully the experience of being handled will stick with the bears and they’ll stay in the wild where they belong…That will only happen if humans are more careful about attracting bears with garbage and other food temptations.”

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Bear Heads for Crowd Rather Than Woods After Being Released [VIDEO]