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The Best of Bear Grylls' TV Series [VIDEO]

Travel around the world on amazing and educational quests with adventurer Bear Grylls as he shoots multiple TV shows on survival and adventure.

Bear Grylls has claimed many awards and accomplishments throughout his life, and he's not done.

When he was young, he studied in martial arts and then went on to serve in three years in the British Special Forces. He is the youngest man to ever summit Mount Everest and has authored 15 books.


If you want to take a journey with him, start by watching these Bear Grylls TV Series.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls - 2015

In this series, Grylls takes famous celebrities and sports players on a 48-hour adventure of a lifetime to the wildest and most remote locations around the world. Participants have to push their minds and bodies to the limit to successfully finish the journey.

Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, Drew Brees, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed Helms, Michelle Rodriguez, James Marsden, and Michael B. Jordon all appear on season two, now airing, as Grylls takes them to Panama, the Italian Alps, the Rocky Mountains, and more to experience skydiving, repelling, and other intense activities.

You can catch up on this season's episodes, as well as watch season one, here.

Worst-Case Scenario - 2010

In this series, Grylls shows how to survive and escape life-threatening situations. He teaches you how to escape a high-rise apartment fire, how to survive a shark attack, how to escape a sinking car, and other fatal situations that could happen any day of the week.

"Worst-Case Scenario" only lasted for one season, but you can watch all 12 episodes here.

Man vs. Wild - 2006

"Man vs. Wild" is the Bear Grylls TV series that lasted the longest. Featuring seven seasons, Grylls travels around the world to the most dangerous and remote tourist locations to teach you how to survive in them and make it back to civilization.

You can watch all seasons of "Man vs. Wild" on Google Play, Amazon, and Hulu Plus.

Escape to the Legion - 2005

This four-episode series features Grylls and 11 other participants as they re-create the French Foreign Legion's basic training in the Sahara Desert showing us what it was really like to be apart of the French Armed Forces.

You can watch all four episodes here.

Grylls also hosts other reality TV shows including Mission Survive, Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls, and the now airing The Island all in which contestants compete to survive.

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The Best of Bear Grylls' TV Series [VIDEO]