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Bear Grylls Tests Kids’ Survival Skills on New Television Show

bear grylls

Bear Grylls is set to challenge a much smaller crowd at the survival game.

Grylls is one of the most famous, respected wilderness survival experts in the world. He was the host of numerous shows featuring surviving in the hardest places imaginable and pushing people to their limits in the wilderness.

He recently decided it was time to take today’s youth under his wing to see what they were capable of when nature was pitted against them. In a new television show co-produced with ITV studios, Grylls takes a group of 10 teens to try to survive for two weeks in the Welsh Mountains.

Grylls and a small team of survival experts will teach the children basic survival skills, including fire-starting techniques, how to build shelters, and how to safely traverse various landscapes. In the final days, the kids will be left on their own to complete a challenge set forth by Grylls to prove they can use the skills they were taught.

“Young people, at heart, are so often the greatest adventurers: determined, focused, resourceful, and team players. This series will test and develop all these qualities in spades,” said Grylls.

“These kids need to be prepared for hardship and blisters, but by the end they will have achieved a pride that only sweat and endeavor can buy. Hold tight for the adventure of a lifetime.”

The first season will run twelve 30-minute episodes and is expected to air sometime in early 2016 on the ITV Network.

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Bear Grylls Tests Kids’ Survival Skills on New Television Show